Rogue Cowboy (Down Under Cowboy Book 5) - Kasey Millstead
This is the first of Kasey's Down Under Cowboy books that I've read, I've read Kasey's book 'Vengeance is Mine' so I was wondering how different her Cowboy series was. MAN I LOVED IT!! Rogue Cowboy is book 5 in the "Down Under Cowboy" series & although you can read it as a stand alone, there are characters from the previous books that if read would make this book so much better (my mistake, I do have the first 4 books, but wanted to dive right in). So if you haven't read books 1 to 4, do so before entering.

The charisma of Zeke just exhudes from the book, he's thoughtful, caring, gentle & covered in ink. Whereas Sienna has so many cages around herself, which is understandable... but Zeke slowly breaks them apart & gets inside. When he does the relationship between Zeke & Sienna is powerful & fast.

I loved how Kasey weaved the story between anger & heartache, to joy & love. Amazing joy Kasey, I knew I'd love they Cowboy series just as much as VIM... I have books 1 to 4 awaiting the first possible chance I have of reading them.

Cowboy Struggles: Kasey gave us a special few chapters of Jeremy & Ava, following their ups & downs of trying to fall pregnant. This brought tears to my eyes, from the pain, to the love a couple has to have to go through the emtional f#@* that is fertility treatments & IVF. As a fellow IVF patient it's never easy & I felt extra emtional having to remember the hard times I had.