Beautifully moving love story

Saving Private Blue - Nicole Garcia

This is my second book of Nicole's that I've read, again not knowing what I'm about to read... I go in & find such a beautifully writen love story. At first I was wondering what was happening, because I had only read from one POV. Thankfully Nicole likes to have everyone's POV out there, which makes a story that much better to me & it's easier to understand the situations occuring. Once I started I couldn't put this book down, Savannah & Billy's story is one of heartache, pain, seperation, healing & love. It is so moving!

Four years ago Billy breaks up with Savannah, to ease the pain if anything were to happen to him whilst he serves time in the Army. Not only does it break Billy's heart but also Savannah's, he entrusts his elder brother Travis to look out for her. Badly hurt & honorable discharged, Billy returns home hoping that Savannah can forgive him for the years away & lack of contact & be his once more.....

I was moved in Nicole's respect for war veterans, it was a beautiful dedication to all members of the Armed Forces around the world. Her added dedication to the men & women serving at the start of the book was beautiful too. Another wickedly fun read, thank you Nicole.