Amazing start to the series!

Wereleper  - Dina Haynes

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first book from Dina that I have read, but apon reading the description it had me intrigued.... I'm glad I decided to one-click this baby, Dina has given us a unique veiw on shifters. Wereleper is book 1 in the "Leopards Unleashed" series & if your a paranormal lover, you should definitely grab yourself a copy.

Gwen (Mac) wasn't born a true wereleopard, she was born a mutant, not able to truly shift, never having the love of both her parents. But 50 years has gone by changing her identity as the years go by, never keeping friends close, keeping men both were & human at bay, always on the move.... Having had a difficult upbringing she closes herself off to having friends & finding love, so it comes as a shock when her body starts to react differently when she's around a certain hunter named Ramone.

Things aren't all that they seem in this book, just when you think you've figured out how things are going to occur, Dina throws in another twist just to rock your boat. The interactions between Mac & the other characters varies, but they are all keeping within there characters profile. Mac & Ramone's interactions are just HOT, sometimes confusing, but thoughout most of the book Mac is fighting with her instincts, how else do you stay alive?? There are so many strong feelings in this book, a true story about growth & finding happiness in one-self. Bring on the next book in the series, Dina seemed to have HOOKED me with Wereleper!