Just as good, if not better than book 1

Ask Me About My Unicorn (B3 Book 2) - Delphina Henley, Regina Wamba

I was excited to start reading 'Ask me About my Unicorn', I absolutely loved book 1 'Unless you can be a Unicorn' and couldn't wait to read what else would happen in B3. I do recommend you read book 1 first, as you don't want to miss out on events that happen there.

Val's power is slowly getting stronger & so is her pull to Lachlan, the sexy Unicorn she can't stop thinking & dreaming about since she started college. Coming to terms that her hunter parents kill others like her friends & she may also be a shifter, has left her confused. Lachlan has been keeping his distance from Val, but with Scout being her best friend & always being around.. he can't seem to resist his pull either....

I found myself transported withing the lives of the Unicorns of B3 rather quickly, the storyline was slightly darker than in book 1, but this is Val's story. I think Delphina wrote it beautifully, Val's inner self is in termoil for most of the book, also she has a feeling that everyone blames her for the sudden deaths & disappearances hitting the para community.

Thank you again Delphina, you have definitely hit the sparkley rainbow with this series & I can't wait for the next story about B3.