AMAZING completion for the series....

Holocaust (The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3) - Rachel M Raithby

What can I say about 'Holocaust'??? HOLY COW.... Rachel finished off her "The Deadwood Hunter" series with so much action & angst, dragging me into the story within the first chapter. I highly recommend you grab yourselves a copy of the series, starting at Lexia & devour the magic writen by Rachel.

I'd forgotten to live whilst reading this book, I swear my heart stopped at times. The things Lexia had seen or made to do whilst under the control of the Hunters where bad, sometimes downright scary... especially being that her mother is the leader & creator of them all. Lexia can't live with her choice & so hids behind the facade of Maura, still teathered only slightly to Linc, while Maura is in charge.

I found parts of this book so emotional, it was terrible for me... I could barley see from the tears or breathe through my nose... tissue box was on my lap! This whole series was UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING... now I can't wait for more books from Rachel. Thank you Rachel, even though you made me cry (although I think you like doing that) this was an ending for the series that was unexpected but wonderful all in one.