Yule Celebrations are here....

Midwinter Night's Alpha: BBW Witches and Sexy Werewolves (Sexy BBW Pagan Holidays Book 6) - Liv Brywood

I was gifted a copy from Liv Brywood in exchange for an honest review.

I was again quickly sucked into the story, within the first few sentences.... losing myself in the tale, then BAM it was over. I will say that this story was slightly different to the others that I've read in this series, revolving around the couple more than the actual Pagan Holiday... My only wish was that I could have had another 100 or more pages to read. This is book 6 of Liv's "Sexy BBW Pagan Holiday series".

Katelyn is returning to her coven in time for the Yule celebrations, then she's going back to New York as soon as they are complete... Hoping to not run into anyone she once called friend, that includes her once best friend/lover Devin... but things don't always go as planned.

MORE PLEASE Liv, I can't seem to get enough, plus they don't stay long on my kindle app before they are devoured.