What a finish to the series!

Mates - Viola Rivard

I've just finished reading Mates, book 8 of the "Running with Alphas" series by Viola & I think I may have started reading this series in the wrong direction.... oopsie. This is NOT a stand-alone, if you haven't started from the begining please do, as you'll miss out on all the juicy details like I just have. I plan on starting from the begining myself as soon as I'm able, especially now that the series is complete, I'm not sure I'd be able to handle to wait in between the installments.

Taylor is heavily pregnant, Alder is away from the pack for the time being & Hale is distancing himself from Taylor... So many emotions come to play for Taylor, does Hale not love her anymore?? Will Alder come back?? What a beautiful ending for this series, (is this the end??) at times it made me cry, it was emotional... I felt for Taylor during her last months of pregnancy, I remember how uncomfortable it was for me. I love reading Viola's books & can't wait for what comes next.