Loving this series

Rogue: Wolves of Angels Rest #3 (Mating Season Collection) - Elsa Jade, Mating Season Collection

I was given a copy of 'Rogue' by Elsa Jade, in exchange for an honest review.

I loved being back inside the lives of the Wolves of Angels Rest, I was lost within the first sentence, quickly devouring the book. I loved it, 'Rogue' starts pretty much straight after 'Joker' finished, so I would advise that you read "Wolves of Angels Rest" series in order.

Rafael is almost rogue, when he shifts he has no memory of what he's done, he feels it's almost time to leave for the safety of the pack. Darling or Dare as she'd prefer to be called, is getting over the shock of recently learning about the exitance of werewolves. One night of bad sleep, a wander through her backyard & her life is changed forever.

What an emotional ride Dare & Rafe's story is, so beautifully written, they's both had hard upbringings, but together?? I want more of this series.

Berch is book 3 in Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" series, which in turn is a part of the "Mating Season" pack series. A set of books from 6 authors, 6 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate. I'm hoping that wasn't the last novella from Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" I've really enjoyed what I've read so far & I can't wait to delve into the other authors work in the "Mating Season" series.