LOVED this boxset!!

Alphas Unleashed - Paranormal Shifter Romance Multi-Author Box Set: Werebear, Werewolf, Werelion - V. Vaughn, Eliza Gayle, Harmony Raines, Lola Kidd, Ruby Shae, Mating Season Collection, Kenzie Cox

WOW what a collection of AMAZING stories by some AMAZING authors.... I have previously read a couple of the books within this boxset, which I LOVED & was also introduced to a few new authors.

Loving the Lion (Mail-Order Mates, book 1)
by Lola Kidd
Lola Kidd is a new author for me, so I started reading 'Loving the Lion' not knowing what to expect... well I LOVED it & have now added ALL of the "Mail-Order Mates" to my TBR.
I loved the notion that one wedding will bring on others & how it was used to help promote a quiet, slightly run down town. I can't wait to read some more of this series to find out what actually happens to the town & weather or not the single shifters can all get mates.

Bound to her Bear (Bear Bluff Can, book 1)
by Harmony Raines
Another new author to me, I went in feet first, I couldn't wait to read my introduction to the work of Harmony Raines. I loved the theme to this story, every good man, has a great women behind him.... In this case it's true, without Drew, Eirik wouldn't have found the selfworth that he was missing at the start. They helped one another overcome what was keeping them in the dark. Also I loved that although they had known each other since they were young, their mate bound didn't materialize right away...

Wild (Devils Point Wolves, book 1)
by Eliza Gayle
I finished reading Wild & was shocked at how quickly I read the book... I was completely enthralled.
Faith drives to the Island that her twin sister Rebel works at, Rebel hasn't called & Faith is worried. But as Faith is about to cross the bridge to the Island she is attacked, getting away very shaken she makes it to the bar her sister is meant to be at. Instead she finds Damien...
Such an action packed read, full of a few twists too.... so much fun to read.

Lone Bear (Bear Mountain, book 1)
by Ruby Shae
OMG what an introduciton to Ruby Shae (another newbie for me), 'Lone Bear' gripped me from start to finish. I was transfixed to this story, filled with longing, action, suspense, heat, intrigue... this story kept me guessing. I enjoyed this book immenseley, the twists & action kept me on the edge of my seat.

Jace (Wolves of the Rising Sun, book 1)
by Kenzie Cox
I have just finished reading Jace's story, I was quickly drawn into the story & was surprised when I'd already finished it.
Skye finds comfort in the Bayou, especially around Jace, having just broken up with her boyfriend she wants to take pictures & relax. But when a storm breaks & Skye finds herself in a cabin with him....
I loved how things progressed between Jace & Skye, it made for an enjoyable short read.... why do these stories have to be so short??

Brindle (Winter Valley Wolves, book 1)
by V. Vaughn
I have just come up for air after reading Brindle's story, so much information going through my head, for such a short read.
Katie is in heat, after running away from her mate Brindle, not long after she was changed, having to get used to being a wolf & then all her confusion. Nothing can satiate Katie when she's in heat, but Brindle makes a surprise visit, knowing his mate is in pain, but also not knowing if he'll be rejected again.....
I really felt for Katie & Brindle's situation, obviously she needs time to come to terms at being a werewolf, but Brindle is nothing but patient... well until near the end.