What a collection of stories

Alphas Unbound: Paranormal Shifter Romance Multi-Author Box Set: Werewolf, Weretiger, Shifters - Ronin Winters, Mating Season Collection, Elle Thorne, Viola Rivard, Mina Carter, Elsa Jade, Emma Storm, Anna Lowe, Anne Marsh

This review is for ANNA LOWE'S Desert Moon.

WOW what a collection of AMAZING stories by some AMAZING authors.... I have previously read a few of the books within this boxset, which I LOVED & can't wait to read the ones I haven't read yet.

Hero (Wolves of Angels Rest, book 1)
by Elsa Jade
I loved this book, I was quickly thrust into the story & it was over before I knew what happened. Man I love that in a book, even in a quick read like 'Hero'.
Kane is coming home from the war afer escaping small town life. Maddison felt a pull to returning to where it all began. A chance meeting on Kane's first night home & so many secrets to keep from Maddie, keeping her safe from himself & others.... but when the Mating Moon rises the war between want & need stop....

Forbidden (Never After Dark, book 1)
by Ella Thorne
I've had this book for a few months now, just sitting in my kindle waiting & FINALLY I've read this delicious bite. Lets not forget the White Tiger (my all time fav animal... wish I could be dreaming of them every night. LOVED this book & will read the others when I'm able to.

Temptation (Grey Wolves Rising, book 1)
by Emma Storm
I finished reading Temptation, Gabriel's story... this man had it easy, I'm not completely sure why he waitied so long??
Gabriel has known his true mate for 6 years, but she was too young & he wanted her to be the best that she could be. That meant Joy went away to college, away from Gabriel & her family...
I could understand Gabirel's hesitation for not taking Joy as his mate 6 years prior, but I really felt for Joy... Gabriel not accepting the connection between them & making Joy feel like there was nothing there between them...

Iron (Blue Collar Wolves, book 1)
by Ronin Winters
I finished Iron today & what a story it is! I was enthralled in the story I was reading, sucked into the pain of Iron & his choices about not mating with his true mate Bella.
Iron has been keeping his distance from his true mate Bella, he's known her since they were both young, but he doesn't want to bring her into the world of shifters. Wanting only whats best for her, he decides to ignore the mating pull. Bella has decided to finally have her man & with the Mating Moon up it's now or never....
I really loved the push & pull that was all of Iron & Bella's story, Bella is strong & just wants what she's only ever wanted.... all she needs to do is convince a very stubbon wolf.

Enforcer's Heart (Stratton Wolves, book 3)
by Mina Carter
WOW what an introduction to Mina's work, I was quickly lost in the story. Even though this isn't the first book in the series, I was able to understand all that was happening. LOVED it & have added the rest of the series to my TBR.

Desert Moon (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, book 1)
by Anna Lowe
Lana's returning to Twin Moon Ranch 12 years after catching the sent, the Arizona desert calls to her in ways her home doesn't. Ty is next in line for the Alpha position & he's feeling all the stress that comes with being Alpha & not having a true mate, about 12 years ago Ty scents his mate but she's no longer around.
I loved how Anna brought the characters together, we get amazing details, desciptions & back stories. Also the interaction between Lana & Ty, all the dancing around one another & sassy back chatting from Lana, also knowing what an Alpha needs in his mate.... True mates are rare & hard to find, if you don't find your true mate you drain the life from the women you choose to take as mate instead, they don't last long. This is unique in the true mates department. I can't wait for book 2 of the series.

Tempted by the Pack (Blue Moon Brides, book 1)
by Anne Marsh
What an introduction to Anne Marsh, I was quickly drawn into the story, making me want to read what happens next in the series. I have added the rest added to my TBR now.

Red Fever (BBW Fairy Tale Shorts, book 1)
by Viola Rivard
Don't you just love when an author takes a fairytale/ nursery rhyme & changes it?? Makes it have paranormal characters?? Makes it into a steamy, hot read?? Yes or no, I can't deny that Viola has re-vamped Red Ridding Hood to the point of it where it doesn't read like the original anymore.
'Red Fever' is the first in Viola's "Fairy Tail Shorts" series, I enjoyed this fast, steamy read that had me thinking of Red Ridding Hood in a different way to when I was younger. You felt sorry for Rose, trying to escape the clutches of her detestable, drunkard fiance... The power of Viola's words drew you into the tale I had wiplash when I had finished. I wish there was more to the tale, I can't wait for what comes next in the series.