What would you do???

Rock, Rattle & Roll - Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott, Kai Kennicott, Wen  Ross

Overall- ***** Performance- ***** Story- *****


Q- Would you consider the audio edition of Rock, Rattle and Roll to be better than the print version?
A- As I have yet to read the actual print version of this book, I'm unable to honestly answer this question, I will say I love what Kai & Wen bring to the listening experience.

Q- Who was your favorite character and why?
A- This is such a hard question to answer, it's like asking a parent who their favourite child is.... I do LOVE Deacan, Harper, Jazz... please don't ask why.

Q- What about Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross ’s performance did you like?
A- What don't Kai & Wen bring to the performance?? I'm ADDICTED to their narractions!!

Q- Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
A- The scene by the pier, in the dead of night, when the secret/ new is finally discussed, then the next few scenes after. Such a rollercoaster of emotions!!

Q- Any additional comments?
A- I loved everything about this book, from the thought put in by the authors Taryn & Cari, to the performance of Kai & Wen, which made the job of listening more enjoyable. I CAN'T WAIT to listen to the next book in the series.