Will Zane ever remember???

Lost Wolf: Wolves of Angels Rest #5 (Mating Season Collection) - Elsa Jade, Mating Season Collection

I was given a copy of 'Lost Wolf' by Elsa Jade, in exchange for an honest review.

I was extremely excited when I was informed Elsa was continuing on with her "Wolves of Angels Rest" series, as I have enjoyed & fallen in love with the installments so far. So when 'Lost Wolf' book 5 landed in my kindle I soon devoured it. Boy I had missed this series, but instead of the Mating Moon, it's the Harvest Moon...

Zane can't remember his past, he can't remember his own name or where he is from, but the pack at Angels Rest has taken him in.... A chance meeting with scholar Mahalia & he seems to remember all sorts of things...

I found myself LOVING every second of this book, would Zane finally remember who he is, his past, what exactly happened to him??? Then Elsa decides we needed a twist...boy did we ever need this twist.

Lost Wolf is book 5 in Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" series, which in turn is a part of the "Mating Season" pack series. A set of books from 6 authors, 6 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate. I'm hoping that Elsa continues to write more of the "Wolves of Angels Rest" I've really enjoyed what I've read so far. I can't wait to delve into the other authors work in the "Mating Season" series.