Highly addictive read!!

Angel 6.0 (Alien Captive Boxset): Space Opera Romance - Travis Luedke

I was gifted these stories individually by the author, in exchange for my honest review.

Travis starts his new series off with a BANG!! If you've read Travis' Nightlife series you know what to expect from his work, dark, erotic, paranormals, intense.... Well you wont be dissapointed with the 'Angel 6.0' series.... Set in the future, in a cloning base orbiting Earth, where cloned worker humans are produced for a war like race of alien Cats known as The Gran, lives Angel. Angel isn't a worker clone, she's a secret, Unique, not even the govenment on Earth knows about her. But when she's seen by The Gran when they arrive early to pick up there worker clones, Angel's life is ultered.

Everything within the installments of the "Angel 6.0" series kept me on edge, it was a constant action filled read, I felt like I'd held my breath through it all. Events kept happening left & right, Angel's entire background came to light, a trip to Earth, a war, fighting for those she loves..... arrrrgggghhhh... I had tears at one point, then the ending occured, I was in shock, turned the page & the book wasn't finished, thank goodness. This little reading pleasure, Travis weaves a spell full of darkness, angst, twists & turns, pulling you inside within the first sentence, until the last word.