Intriguing start to the series

Caged Wolf - S.M. Reine

When a book combines some of your favourite things, shifters, vamps, witches, tarot cards, as well as bikers, add in a sassy leading lady you know your in for a ride. 'Caged Wolf' was that ride! Book 1 in S.M. Reine's "The Tarot Witches" series, it had me wanting to keep reading... Ofelia has had a traumatic past, please be patient when finding out just how she receives her scars, it takes a while for her to open up, but once she does??? You may wish she didn't tell. The minute Trouble & his brothers walk into her bar in Lobo Norte, she's instantly drawn & doesn't know why. It did take a little to piece together all the snippets of information I received whilst reading, but when you put it all together... WOW.... I need to read the next book in this series.