A Space Opera boxset

Alien Captive Boxset - Kayla Stonor

I was gifted an ARC of this boxset from Kayla, in exchange for an honest review.


Get ready for 4 amazing stories set in an a time when Earth is at war with races far more advanced than them, when prisoners endure treatment of harsh extreme's & how a treaty makes getting all humans back a number one priority. Inside this boxset you will find 4 stories, filled with to the brim with sexual tension, a variation of darkness, action, alien races & their customs... a journey on how each member of General Jaden's crew is retrieved from their captors. But I LOVED every second of each story.

In Release by Treaty, Dol'ce is tasked with the mission to retrieve Colonel Abe Marcel from a K'lahn planet & bring him back to the Qui Empress to rest & get better before the final trip home to Earth. But Abe is barley alive & to him there is no difference between the Qui & the Klahn.

In Restrain by Treaty, Ardent is tasked with the mission to retrieving Captian Bea Solomon, whom he finds at the mercy of a K'lahn flesh dealer. In order to save Bea from herself & her mind, Ardent traps himself in his human form to gain her trust.

In Hunted by Treaty, the local K'lahn garrison is hunting for Raiss, he's broken & bruised but on the run, he wants to escape, he's only chance may be in local half-breed Crendea.

In Submit to Treaty, Meseri is charged with capturing Lieutenant Zeus, who's on the brink of insanity, in order for the man to escape the war inside his head... Meseri is the key to getting his future back.