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Mastered: Teagan: Sanctuary, Texas (A Sanctuary Texas World Novella Book 1) - Krystal Shannan

I received an ARC of "Mastered: Teagan" from Krystal Shannan, in exchange for an honest review.

OH MY, now that was an emotional ride! Having just finished Krystal's new novella, for her new series "Sanctuary, Texas Mastered". Set in the same town & with the same characters as Krystal's "Sanctuary, Texas" series, I knew I was in for an AMAZING read. I was not disappointed. Once I started I was quickly drawn into the story of lycan Teagan, her sad past, the reason why she craves the escape the Castle allows... if your a fan of Krystal's "Sanctuary, Texas" series, then you know just what happens inside the Castle, if not it is a BDSM club. A Luck of the Draw night, has Teagan partnered with a new Dom, that Dom is Finn... the fun is about to begin.

I wont go into any more details, but it was intense, heartbreaking & yet beautiful all in one. I devoured this book, when I found myself at the end. Teagan is a broken Submissive, Finn is a strong & loving Dom, both being Lycan shifters & the mating magic tingles between them. The BDSM & sex scenes all serve a purpose & done so well. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.