WOW what a read

Wife Me Bad Boy - Chance Carter

Having finished Chance's 'Wife Me Bad Boy' all I can say again is WOW! 'Wife Me Bad Boy' is Chance's second book this year & part of the same series, I do suggest you read book 1 first,although is't not a necessity. I love how we started off at Faith & Jackson's wedding (from 'Bad Boy Daddy') you get a really indepth idea about what marriage means to our new leading characters Lacey & Grant. Let me just say they have COMPLETE different views. Then a descision to let lust fly for the night, has Lacey look elsewhere for a man & Grant discovering something major about himself. I so wont ruin this story for you.

The dual POV's from Grant & Lacey helped make sense of certain things, on top of the flashes into their past, helped make sense of everything happening. I also LOVED how all the characters mentioned in book 1 where again playing major roles in this book, more detail about the Brotherhood helped too. A very different story from book 1, but once again it pulled at the heart strings, the twists & turns, steamy scenes, intrigued me, keeping me enthralled from start to finish. I can't wait to read what Chance writes next for us.