Absolutely LOVED Axel & Beth's story

Desert Rose (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 5) - Anna Lowe

I received a free copy from Anna Lowe in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my goodness, I think I cried more in this book than in the others in the series so far. 'Desert Rose' truly was a work of art. From the very start I was sucked in, entranced by what I was reading. I FLOVE Anna's "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series & this book was no different, PLEASE read this series in chronological order, as each is filled to the brim with information. I would suggest you read this series in the following order... Desert Hunt bk 0.5, Desert Moon bk 1, Desert Wolf 1-4, Desert Blood bk 2, Desert Fate bk 3, Desert Heart bk 4, & Happily Mated After bk 4.5, Desert Rose bk 5 & Desert Yule.

Javelina Axel is slowly healing from the Hellhound attack at Twin Moon Ranch, whilst he was unconcious he kept hearing the voice of an angel, her voice kept him fighting to get better. Weeks later he finally wakes up, but his angel isn't anywhere to be found, but he still has to heal. lowly getting used to how wolf shifters live, his angle finally shows up. Beth felt drawn to the seriously hurt Axel, she read to him even when she thought he couldn't hear, but she has to leave the ranch for a few weeks....

I really wanted to learn more about the Javelina shifters that made an entrance in one of the previous books, then after reading 'Desert Heart' I really needed to find out more. I'm so glad Anna didn't make us wait too long for the answers. Also after 'Desert Heart' I was wondering just HOW Axel & the Javelina's came when they were needed, again Anna answered this. I'm not going to give ANY spoilers away, but if you've read any of the "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series you wont be dissappointed. I can't wait to read what Anna has instore for us next.