Can Mindy get Jonah the help he needs??

Weird Nights (Shadow Promised Book 2) - Rebecca Royce

I received an ARC of 'Weird Nights' from Rebecca Royce, in exchange for an honest review.

Having recently read 'Strange Nights' I couldn't wait to jump into book 2 of the "Shadow Promised" series, once I started I couldn't stop. I devoured 'Weird Nights' even with the horror theme to the storyline, I was HOOKED! Please read this series in order, so that you get the full impact of the storyine.

Mindy hasn't been the same since the night she encountered her first demon, then attacked by a hellhound. With hair stark white & scars on her face she moves to the same city as Jonah in order to learn to protect herself. Jonah can't keep his cravings for Mindy to himself for much longer, but when a poltergeist starts haunting a neighborhood, they uncover more than is expected.

I loved everything in this, there where a few moments when I jumped, from the characters which I quickly feel in love with, to the storyline, which was fast paced.... throw in the paranormal happenings jumping up every so often & I was HOOKED!! I can't wait to read what Rebecca has in store for the next books in the series.