Never judge a book by it's title

The Bear's Runaway Bride - Amy Star

Can I just say that I'd never read anything by Amy Star before, but recently picked up this book to add to my ever growing kindle collection. Also that by reading the title I was a little intrigued, I thought I had the storyling ALL figured out (without reading the blurb). Yeah I sooo didn't. Once I started reading I quickly realised that, yes there is a runaway bride, but she's running away from a situation worse than bumping into a bear shifter. Soon I was so lost within the storyline, gripping my seat, I didn't realise how engrossed I'd became. As the story progressed, so did all the information gifted to me, you learnt more about the lead characters & their histories, then you had a few main side characters not forgetting the dog. I really enjoyed this different take on the shifter genre.