Dark Panther (BBW Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance) - Catherine Vale

OH MY, what a start to the year from Catherine Vale, 'Dark Panther' was EVERYTHING I've come to expect from Catherine. I picked up my ereader knowing I wouldn't be able to get anything done until I'd finished, that's exactly what happened too. From the chance meeting in the bookstore (WICKEDLY HOT just there!!) the intense connection Nathan & Leia have just at that point continues for the rest of the book. How this story progressed, I could say I'd figured it out & then Catherine brings this twist in events out & WOW. There was just something that drew me in once I started reading this book, it kept me captivated & yearning to read the next sentence, page, chapter... just to find out what was to come next.

I can't wait to read what Catherine brings out next, waiting with baited breathe.