Simon & Jess's story continues

Damnation: Reckless Desires - Anna Lowe
I received an ARC of 'Damnation' from Anna Lowe, in exchange for an honest review.

I couldn't wait to read what happened next for Simon & Jess, so I jumped right 'Damnation' & quickly found myself on the outskirts of Twin Moon Ranch. Que massive squeel & happy dance... because I know that the characters from Anna's "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series will be most likely be showing themselves soon enough. 'Damnation' is book 1 (read as book 2) of Anna Lowe's new series "Blue Moon Saloon", & is also a spin-off series of her "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series, I highly suggest you read the original series first before you read this new series, as you get more of an idea about who lives at Twin Moon Ranch.

A few years after they first met & the joy then heartache that followed, finds Jess & her sister Jenna on the outskirts of Twin Moon Ranch, where Tina (yes Tina) feels the need to help out shifters in need. Bringing the sisters to the run down saloon, they met their new bosses, but the girls are in for a surprise when the brothers arrive. Simon & his brother Soren can't believe their eyes when the wolf sisters arrive....

I loved this story, not only of heartache, misunderstanding & loss, but of finding the truth, love & renewal. The interactions between Jess & Simon, were cold at first, when the stories of what happened in the past come out you get a better understanding as to what happened. I really want to read about Jenna & Soren's stories, I want them both to find mates. I loved how much loved characters from Twin Moon Ranch popped in when they did, I can't wait to read the next book in the series.