What type of help did Delana find???

Torment: Reckless Desires (Dark Wolves Book 1) - √Člianne Adams

I received an ARC of 'Torment' from Elianne Adams, in exchange for an honest review.

'Torment' was my first book by Elianne Adams, I have seen her name previously is boxsets & anthologies that I've read, but haven't actually read her work. So I jumped at the chance to advance read this, I'm so glad I did. 'Torment' is book 1 in Elianne's new series "Dark Wolves"... what an introduction.

Trying to find help after her packs alpha's have been killed, Delana races through the forest in search for the new pack, but the wolves that attacked her pack are chasing after her. Delana finds herself running into one of the wolves from the new pack, but will his pack help them??

There's so much information in this short story, getting little bits all throughout the book, allowing you to slowly learn whats going on, I'm pretty sure it's not everything, but it's more than enough to make me want more.