A cupcake tasting changes everything

Fire Away: Somewhere, TX (Line of Fire Book 1) - Becca Boyd

I was given a copy of 'Fire Away' in exchange for an honest review.

As an avid "Somewhere, TX" fan, I jumped at the chance to read 'Fire Away' & see what Becca Boyd/R.L. Syme did for the small town of Somewhere, TX. I'd not previously read anything by the author, so I started with no idea of what to expect. It was too long into the story that I became riveted & needed to keep reading. 'Fire Away' is book 1 of Boyd/Syme's series "Line of Fire" a "Somewhere, TX" collection... so if you've read some of what the other authors have done in the series you may notice some pretty prominant characters in this book.

Hermit Aiden Conley has been talked into trying out cakes for his wedding, which means heading into the town of Somewhere, TX a place he has avoided for the last 10 years... except for when he's working. When he arrives at the bakery, he's not one step into the office when he see's a person he'd thought he'd never see again. Claire is after the perfect cupcake, a one of a kind, so when the bakery lets her know it's alright to sit in with a bride for a tasting, things are finally going Claire's way.... but when Aiden steps into the office things become tense. When the new fire cheif decides to open up cold cases, things are about to bring Aiden back into the lime light again.

OMG there is so much happening, & that's just in the first few chapters. So much history, pain, suspense. Oh the suspense, Aiden & Claire working together trying to figure out who the killer is, it had me guessing till the end, the clues might have been there but they where hidden so well. I would love to read the next book in this series, I might have found a new author to follow.