What is happening to Cole??

Temptation: Reckless Desires (Blue Moon Saloon Book 2) - Anna Lowe

I received an ARC of 'Temptation' from Anna Lowe, in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Simon & Jess's story in the previous books, I couldn't wait to read Jenna's story, not only to catch a glimpse of the much loved characters from Anna's "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series, but also the new. 'Temptation' is book 2 (read as book 3) of Anna Lowe's new series "Blue Moon Saloon", & is also a spin-off series of her "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series, I highly suggest you read the original series first before you read this new series, as you get more of an idea about who lives at Twin Moon Ranch.

In the weeks following the attack at the salloon by the rogue, after Cole rushes in to help save the girls, he's unknowingly to everyone scratched by a werewolf, he's so off kilter, having an inner voice wanting to make Jenna HIS.... Jenna has noticed slight changes in Cole since the attack, unsure who to tell, she takes it upon herself to help him.....

Oh my, I FLOVED Jenna & Cole's story, I loved how you get to learn more about Cole's background & the reason he's in the area. Anna weaved her magic with this addition to the series, I can't wait to read Soren's story... especially after the cliffhanger in this book.