My breath was stollen!!

Steal My Breath (Elixir Book 1) - Nina Levine

After being thoroughly teased by Nina when she shared a brief snippet of 'Steal My Breath' in the "For the First Time" anthology, I've been waiting ever so patiently to read the rest of Callie & Luke's story. I was originally shocked to find out there was NO bikers or rockers in this book, WHAT?? yep no biker what so ever in here.... but I quickly feel in, out & back in love with Nina's newest alpha. In true Nina Levine style 'Steal My Breath' is HOT, steamy, thought provoking... in so many ways just like Nina's Storm MC, Sydney Storm MC & Crave series, but also so different.

'Steal My Breath' had me intrigued within the first couple of chapters, wondering just who Luke is & his story. Because a man that screams ALPHA male had to have one hell of a story. Callie is a TRUE Nina Levine heroine, sassy, having strong beliefs & living by them, always thinking of others... I FLOVE Nina's leading ladies. Although it states that 'Steal My Breath' is a standalone, I hope Nina turns it into a series, there was a few other characters that I felt wanted/needed their turn in the limelight. Either way I can't wait to read what Nina Levine writes next.