Book Lover Mystery Box, a book lovers dream

I've been receiving a #BookLoverMysterBox for a few months now, I feel it's time I should leave a review for all the hard work Ang & Kylie do putting them together each month.


When your box first arrives it's perfectly packed, lovingly sealed with tape (you will need scissors for this part) with not a hint of whats inside at all.

Although hints have been made as to authors within each box, you go in blind as to genres, titles, swag, or eBooks your about to add to your ever growing bookshelf or TBR. The authors have been known & new to me, indie & traditionally published, but still a surprised with the variety!


Upon opening the box, which feels like opening a present each month, EXCITING!! You'll find an array of bookmarks (possibly signed), signed bookplates, eBooks, cookies, handcrafted swag pieces & other special pieces... Also inside you will find the paperbacks, lovingly wrapped in paper, although sometimes the scissors need to be on hand as the tape is difficult to get through.
I'm not too sure how all this wrapping is done on a monthly basis, it would surely drive me mad.


All pieces from the handcrafted swag through to the paperbacks awaiting inside your box, are all thoughtfully picked out for each month..... creating an unique box packed to the rim with goodies.


Book Lover Mystery Box is available monthly in Australia, with free postage (but can be ordered internationally). They offer one off boxes as well as subscriptions starting from 2, 3, 6 & 12 months, also there is a one off kids box available where the age & gender allow Kylie & Ang to pick out the perfect gift for you little one.